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Denver – Metal Recycling and Used Parts: Colorado Auto and Parts

Denver – VW and Audi Repair: Salta

Westminster – Glass Repair: Delta Auto Glass

Boulder – Upgrade Parts: Flatirons Tuning


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Impreza Forum: North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club

Subaru Forum: Ultimate Subaru

Legacy Forum: Legacy Central

SubaDude’s Zero Waste Garage

The SubaDude Garage and residence (circa 2008 to 2017) has unfortunately been put aside due to an outdated line of code in the Land Use Code, and SubaDude is now occupying a low-impact as-green-as-we-can-be commercial business location.  The green home-garage was powered by the Fort Collins Green Energy program. Hand tools, not power tools, were, and still mostly are used – not only to ensure attention to detail, but also to decrease carbon output.

We recycle as much as possible, however, due to various new parts packaging types, one single bag of trash per week currently is, and was, generated at the new commercial location as well as the prior combined shop-residence. All recyclable waste (including fluids) are taken to Larimer county’s top notch recycling facility.

All estimates, invoices, and receipts are generated and exchanged as electronic files. The only paper used is scratch paper for office needs and notes.

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